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騰富科技股份有限公司董事長錢逸森曰前宣佈啟用了嶄新的企業識別系統/CIS,新的公司形象既科技創新、穩健、外圓內方。 另新的企業 Tagline “Computing For People” 概念著勇於追夢、創意無窮。










CFP Technology Corp. announces the launch of a new corporate identity.

CFPT mainly engaged in science and technology in measurement biotechnology, micro-controller, communications and voice compression…

According to CFPT Chairman John Chien, the new corporate identity is both refreshing and contemporary. Our new tagline – ‘Computing For People’ – is certainly fitting of our desire to move in tandem with the industry. It is an integral part of the overall appearance of the new CFPT – the one that innovation & invention in the 21st century.” Said John.

The new corporate identity is the result of many months of work and was designed and created form New York Design. The leading brand and design consultant in Taiwan