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Announcing another new publication of NEW YORK DESIGN/Case Study; this is our on going in a series of our work accomplishments… provide information and sample demonstration on a good brand and branding design… a great tool to showcase you business and products…

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New York Design is a Taiwan based brand, branding, brand strategy and full service graphic design consultant. New York design had received numerous recognition and accolades. Our works also appeared in some of the major international publications and graphic design journals.

成立於1983年,紐約設計/林子翔文化事業有限公司在台灣是歷史悠久的品牌及平面設計顧問公司。紐約設計之優質服務獲得客戶一致的肯定與讚賞,設計案例中有許多企業是目前世界知名的品牌,如:運時通傢具集團, 美國席樂頓名床, 美國蕾絲床墊, 精益科技, 倫飛電腦, 遠東商業銀行, 歐洲商務協會, 光寶企業集團, 日月光集團… 其作品亦曾經多次被國際性刊物及設計雜誌所報導。

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