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百韻古今傢俱文物飾品 – 品牌形象,品牌視覺識別系統

Impressive and memorable messages are convey through visual presentation of illustrative symbolic lines and curves. For example, circle conveys the image of coherent whole, everlasting, continuity, uninterrupted succession, which largely are being derived from ancient times. A square on the other hand, would transmits stability, honest, fairness and integrity images.

The Bai Win Collection brand development. We adopted the minimalist approach and apply it with white space, straight lines and clean visuals that allows a distinct contrast in visualization… builds an image of trusted and well-regarded business brand.

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Daniel, Natalie & Co. Fashion handbag designer and manufacturers with office in Hong Kong and production facilities in mainland China, focus on style, functional and workmanship.

Behind the name stands owner Daniel Lam, Natalie Lam and a network of handbag designer and supplierwho all share a common desire to put design and quality before everything else.

Using the owner’s name inital with hand draw old Roman’s type. The design approach is extremely basic inits nature, and the feeling it expresses and arouses is expertise and experience. The black and blue primary color stand out forcefully.


「元大金控營運簡介」YUANTA GROUP INTRO 2012, 除傳統印刷並轉換成電子書版本,方便讀者在任何時間地點使用電腦,平版電腦或智慧型手機 … 掃描 QR Code 應用程式標誌即時閱讀….

騰富科技股份有限公司董事長錢逸森曰前宣佈啟用了嶄新的企業識別系統/CIS,新的公司形象既科技創新、穩健、外圓內方。 另新的企業 Tagline “Computing For People” 概念著勇於追夢、創意無窮。










CFP Technology Corp. announces the launch of a new corporate identity.

CFPT mainly engaged in science and technology in measurement biotechnology, micro-controller, communications and voice compression…

According to CFPT Chairman John Chien, the new corporate identity is both refreshing and contemporary. Our new tagline – ‘Computing For People’ – is certainly fitting of our desire to move in tandem with the industry. It is an integral part of the overall appearance of the new CFPT – the one that innovation & invention in the 21st century.” Said John.

The new corporate identity is the result of many months of work and was designed and created form New York Design. The leading brand and design consultant in Taiwan


合約案包括中文及英文版的年報設計製作。「這是本公司多年來第一次委用專業設計顧問進行… 經過評估作業 ,我們決定委託紐約設計顧問公司執行,是根據他們的過去客戶經驗、設計案例及其設計概念。」 元太科技工業財務長,張聲華表示。

元太科技於1992年成立於新竹科學工業園區,為永豐餘集團延覽在TFT-LCD (薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器) 領域中傑出的國內外科技專家所籌組,專業製造LCD中等級最高的TFT-LCD 。

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We created a designed themes “Your Window To A New Horizon” … from cover design throughout included financial report and statements; the annual report design leverage E Ink’s new visual brand equity and tone of voice to deliver an authentic, consistent message to employee, shareholder and the community.






















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