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New York Design Develops Rebrand for Far Eastern International Bank






遠東國際商業銀行(遠東商銀),經台灣金融監督管理委員會核准,接管及併購慶豐商業銀行其在台19家國內分支機構。因此特委託紐約設計公司 New York Design 專業重建及設計全新的中英文字體及嶄新的遠銀品牌形象。New York Design 紐約設計公司簡化原先的 遠東國際商業銀行英文書寫 Far Eastern International Bank 為 Far Eastern int’l Bank。為遠東商銀注入全新的活力,建立更專業、誠信、親切的品牌價值 ;在視覺識別上,加深原有標誌的四個風車〝F〞的紅色圖案。厚重線條,象徵企業穩固紮實的實力,其專業服務始終如一。

紐約設計公司 New York Design 設計總監林顯棋表示:「我們與遠東集團有長期的合作關係,18年前我們為遠東商銀設計第一個企業識別。這次金融企業識別重整及重建,在我們30年服務的作業裡為第一宗,它展示了 New York Design 紐約設計公司的專業創意能力,並提供客戶完整及多元化的品牌策略及設計服務。」Far Eastern Int’l Bank 遠東國際商業銀行的企業識別形象到今已廣受國內外客戶所接受及認可,目前已是在擁擠繁華都會;金融市場上極大價值的商業品牌。

本設計獲美國知名出版集團Crescent Hill Publication 所出版的 Damn Good Design 一書,納入為該最佳創意示範及設計心得文章之一。












Brand and graphic design consultant New York Design 紐約設計 has designed a new corporate identity for Far Eastern International Bank (FEIB) 遠東商銀, a Far Eastern group company 遠東集團.

Far Eastern International Bank (FEIB) calls for new corporate identity after its acquisition of Chin Fon Commercial Bank 慶豐商業銀行 – 19 branches in Taiwan.

For this new corporate identity exercise, New York Design made a new type arrangement and shortened the corporate name with a more easy-to-identify logotype. The original red color was darkened to reflect the satiability and reliability value of FEIB.

The new CIS package, with its new imagery and corporate colors, will be apply on all marketing collateral, such as stationery, branch signage, literature and website.

Michael Lamson of New York Design 紐約設計, says: “We have longstanding working relationship with the Far Eastern Group, and created the first and original FEIB’s corporate identity programs 18-years ago, as well as the Far Eastern Plaza the mall and the office complex.  This is the first time we have undertake such a rebranding exercise of this nature. It demonstrates New York Design’s ability to continue delivery cutting edge market communication services.”

An effective company literature brochure design is a great tool to showcase your business, product or corporate communications. It conveys all the core information in a clear, concise and attractive way. New York design can either work with your company current design ideas, mock up, photos and text or create your brochure from scratch, including include creative concept, design, copywriting, photography and production.

In additional we help customer reproduce annual report into e-publication and annual report online. Maximize customer potential by reaching the world wide market.

Over the year we have produced annual report / literature for companies includes Lite-On Electronic Corporation, Lite-On Group, ASE Group, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. China Pacific Catering Service, Stylution International Corporation, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Chinatrust Financial Corporation, LandBank of Taiwan, Partnertech Corporation, European Chamber of Commerce Taipei…

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