NEW YORK DESIGN 紐約設計 品牌策略 品牌識別 形象規劃–BRANDING TAIWAN 臺灣品牌 – 設計案例分享

紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN  品牌策略 品牌識別 形象規劃–BRANDING TAIWAN  臺灣品牌 – 設計案例分享

The basic components to building your brand is the Name, Graphic Identity, Color Standard and Visual Consistent… Most of world brand are either Made in Taiwan or Made in China and they are very good in quality. Do you know many of world brand products are from Taiwan and are made in China?


紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN – Project Demo 設計案例分享

Stylution International Corp.  運時通傢具集團 席樂頓名床
Products: Mattress & Upholstery
Creative Concept & Description :
Word combination, Stylution — Style-elegant, luxurious mode of living in style … Solution-act of solving, clarification for bedding, sleeping enjoyment and sleeping comfort…[…]                                                                       Stylution International – Brands of the World…[…]

Twinhead International Corporation 倫飛電腦 筆記型電腦
Products: Note Book Computer
Creative Concept & Description:
Word initial … SOTA — the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science … State Of The Art…[…]

Grandtek Asia Corp. 瀧丰興業有限公司
Products: Manufacturers exporters Functional Nylon & Polyester FabricsCreative Concept & Description :Old name: Grandtek Enterprise Co., Ltd. Change into New name: Grandtek Asia Corp. –Name make Grandtek’s more compelling, professional and international and is legally accessible, proper domain and URL available… […]                                                                        Grandtek Asia – Brands of the World…[…]

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企業形象 企業識別系統 品牌識別 平面設計 – 紐約設計 策略結合設計的品牌顧問文章發表 NEW YORK DESIGN – GRAPHIC DESIGN NEWS & UP-DATE

作者介紹: 紐約設計 (New York Design) 成立於1983年, 在台灣是歷史悠久的品牌及平面設計顧問公司,服務包括提供專業的整體品牌形象規劃服務。包含企業形象,企業識別,品牌命名,品牌識別…專業服務予各類型企業及機構。


對許多企業來說,找尋平面設計公司 (Design Agency) 或獨立設計工作室 (Independent Graphic Designer) 來協助設計需求,常常大費周章,被認為是件麻煩的事情。幸運找到對的伙伴當然是樂事一件,公司得以大展鴻圖;若不幸找錯,那可是惡夢的開始。 其實知名設計公司和優秀的獨立設計工作室在服務和創意品質方面是不分上下的,只是在作業過程中有一些差異。( ie. 當有設計的相關問題需要協助時,若打給設計公司,接電話的是總機或祕書;而設計工作室則可直接聯絡到設計師本人為您解決疑難…) 底下就針對二者的不同,提供簡單的分析比較。試想,若能找到一家創意品質一流、價格又合理的設計公司,何樂而不為呢?最重要的是仔細評估他們的作品、服務的客戶群及客戶對他們的滿意評價,就可窺見端倪。

Finding an experienced graphic design agency or independent Graphic designer most suitable to your needs can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. One should be aware of a number of crucial differences between graphic design agencies and independent designer. Working with a graphic design agency, rather than an independent designer, at first may appear to offer many benefits, but actually there can be some problems too. Below is a summary outlining the advantages of each…


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