富通證券股份有限公司 – 簽約委任紐約設計品牌顧問擔任執行全新品牌設計; 品牌發展及品牌管理顧問。


Fund Rich Securities announced an appointment to New York Design to redesign the new brand identity and website that reflects FRS… professional, openness, and progression…



We believe that FRS’s new brand identity, said Sherman Lin, Chairman of FRS — specifically it fresh color palette, sense of space, modern and open typeface — give us a forward-looking, energized identity that reflects and project a modern, dynamic professional association.


行銷用品 Fundrich-01




Published by 紐約設計品牌顧問 New York Design - Brand Consultant

紐約設計顧問公司,成立於1983年,在台灣是歷史悠久的專業品牌及平面設計顧問。過去 40 多年來,紐約設計提供包括視覺設計顧問,企業識別,品牌發展,品牌策略, 品牌外觀,年報、電子年報,網站設計,搏客行銷,空間設計顧問等... 專業服務予各類型企業及機構。 紐約設計顧問之優質服務獲得客戶一致的肯定與讚賞,設計案例中有許多企業是目前世界知名的品牌,如:元大金融控股股份有限公司,遠東國際商業銀行,中國運時通傢具集團,台北歐洲商務協會,光寶集團,日月光集團,中國石油等... 工作成品常被國際性刊物及設計雜誌所報導。 New York Design 紐約設計顧問 was founded in 1983. We are a Taiwan base graphic design consultant, provide a comprehensive range of corporate identification services. Since our inception, we have been committed to charity and simplicity, to good taste, and to names and design solutions that make sense. We believe in integrating superior strategic thinking, world-class design, and professional implementation to create cohesive, compelling corporate communication programs. No single component dominates our approach. Designers frequently play a role in devising strategies and our project managers become actively involved in design. Every one in the team is deeply committed to professional, cost effective solutions. We take great pride in providing simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. This philosophy in embodied in our design philosophy, Simple is the Solution and Simple is Smart. New York Design had received numerous recognitions and accolades. Our works has also appeared in some of the major international publications and graphic journals.

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