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紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN  品牌策略 品牌識別 形象規劃–BRANDING TAIWAN  臺灣品牌 – 設計案例分享

The basic components to building your brand is the Name, Graphic Identity, Color Standard and Visual Consistent… Most of world brand are either Made in Taiwan or Made in China and they are very good in quality. Do you know many of world brand products are from Taiwan and are made in China?


紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN – Project Demo 設計案例分享

Stylution International Corp.  運時通傢具集團 席樂頓名床
Products: Mattress & Upholstery
Creative Concept & Description :
Word combination, Stylution — Style-elegant, luxurious mode of living in style … Solution-act of solving, clarification for bedding, sleeping enjoyment and sleeping comfort…[…]                                                                       Stylution International – Brands of the World…[…]

Twinhead International Corporation 倫飛電腦 筆記型電腦
Products: Note Book Computer
Creative Concept & Description:
Word initial … SOTA — the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science … State Of The Art…[…]

Grandtek Asia Corp. 瀧丰興業有限公司
Products: Manufacturers exporters Functional Nylon & Polyester FabricsCreative Concept & Description :Old name: Grandtek Enterprise Co., Ltd. Change into New name: Grandtek Asia Corp. –Name make Grandtek’s more compelling, professional and international and is legally accessible, proper domain and URL available… […]                                                                        Grandtek Asia – Brands of the World…[…]

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